11 Psychology Terms You’re Misusing, According to Psychologists

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Oxytocin has often been described as the “love molecule” because it is associated with social bonding. When you look at your cute baby or puppy, oxytocin is probably sending signals to your brain and body to coordinate that “awwww” response.

But it does a lot more than that. Oxytocin coordinates the uterine contractions that are involved in giving birth, and it does so so effectively that when obstetricians want to start or speed up labor, they Its hook you up to an IV bag, It also plays a role with other organs in the body, including the kidneys, heart and testes.

Even when we’re considering how the hormone makes us feel socially, it’s not just love and hugs. In some experiments, it makes people more suspicious of those we see as different from ourselves. It can also lead us to pay more attention to both the positive And Negative social cues, in some cases heightened feelings of fear. Exactly what you would expect from the “love hormone”.

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