12 Best Pop Music Podcasts for SEO

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It’s the sexist notion that women are incapable of being true music fans, when in fact, it’s often fangirls who are powering the music industry and predicting the future of sonic music. name 3 songs The idea originated from the idea that a woman could be asked the humiliating question, “You like music? Name three songs.” On her show, co-hosts Sarah Fagin and Jenna Milian discuss feminist issues in music and pop culture. takes a critical lens on the music industry, artists’ careers, the media’s contribution to controversy and sexism, and the industry’s role in creating and perpetuating sexist archetypes. It’s a celebration of pop and the women who love it. gay men Filled with interviews and smart commentary about why we celebrate the day to defy the patriarchy, why we love to hate girl groups, the cultural impact of celebrity abuse cases, and more, Sarah and Jenna Will give you a greater appreciation for the cultural value of pop.

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