Add a Little Emoji to Your iPhone’s Clock, Because You Deserve a Little Happiness

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True iOS is not as As customizable as Android, but the difference is much smaller than before. these days, you can Personalize Your iPhone’s Lock Screen, Change your app icon to anything you likeand also Add a Digital Pet to Dynamic Island, If you’re in the market for yet another iPhone customization hack, here’s a weird one: You can add an emoji to your iPhone’s menu bar, right next to the clock.

For this trick, we’re going to exploit a loophole in Apple’s “focus” feature, As shown here by Techhackguy, the creator of TikTok, As you may already know, Focus allows you to create custom “do not disturb” modes that block specific apps and notifications at different points in your day. For example, you can create a Work focus that blocks notifications from non-work apps or Contacts and remove Home screen pages containing any apps you won’t need during business hours.

One fun feature is the ability to assign an emoji to each focus. You can use the bed emoji for sleep focus, briefcase for work focus, smiley for personal focus, etc. This emoji pops up in the upper-left corner of your iPhone’s display, so you know when your iPhone is currently on. One focus, and in which focus it is.

Here’s the thing: You can set a focus that doesn’t block any notifications or apps, and actually does nothing more than put a cute little emoji at the top of your screen next to the clock. It’s a completely meaningless hack, except it might give you some degree of happiness, which is nothing.

How to Add Custom Emoji to Your iPhone Using Focus

To set your own emoji, open Settings > Focus and hit (,) in the top right, then select Custom. Give your focus a name and a color (which won’t affect the emoji in the corner), and it’s time to choose an emoji. Unfortunately, you do not have the option of running any whatever emoji you want. You’ll need to choose from 47 options provided by Apple—a fairly decent variety. Tap the one you want to see at the top of your screen, then hit “Next.”

Tap on “Customize Focus” and…that’s it! To trigger an emoji, go to Control Center, then long-press the focus box. Select your new focus, and you’ll see its emoji pop up next to your watch. At this point, Focus isn’t blocking any more notifications or apps, so you’re good to continue using your device normally. (of course, if you Doing want to set up focus to block different apps or notifications, we have a full walkthrough for that process here,

By default, Focus syncs across all compatible Apple devices, so you’ll also see this emoji on your connected iPad and Mac. If you like that, great! If not, you can disable “Share Across Devices” on the main Focus settings page. Just know that by doing this, your other devices won’t automatically launch this or any of your iPhone’s other focus modes until you re-enable sharing. You can also disable focus status for this emoji Focus, as well. Otherwise, it will tell your friends that you have muted notifications, even if you don’t have to.

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