Addison Rae Deleted Her Twitter Account and No One Knows Why

published, 2022-11-24t16:18:17

Updates, 2022-11-24t16:18:17

TikTok star Addison Rae has shocked fans by suddenly deleting her Twitter account, questioning the reason behind it.

The 22-year-old content creator had a following of around five million people on the platform before his page went missing.

It is not possible for a new user to claim the account name, which suggests that Addison has decided to take a break from the social media website.

The decision came days before her father Monty Lopez publicly confirmed his divorce from Rae’s mother Sherry Easterling on November 24.

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Where is Addison Rae’s Twitter account?

As of November 24th, it appears that Addison Rae has deactivated her account on Twitter – whose username is @whoisadison.

She is yet to update her fans about the decision.

Addison Rae TwitterTwitter

This is what Addison Rae looks like after her account was deleted.

According to data from Social Blade, Addison’s account has declined slightly since June 2021, losing around 40,000 followers.

Fans of the TikTok star have been taken aback by the news with one post saying: “Addison Rae deactivates her twitter this is the worst day of my life.”

Others have been dismayed by the news that Addison Rae’s official account has stopped following her.

The influencer is still on a few social media platforms, as his Instagram account remains active at the time of writing.

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