Air India grooming rules: No crew cut for male attendants or pearl earrings for ladies

Mumbai: In a detailed list of grooming guidelines for Air India’s own cabin attendants, male Crew A clean shaven head/bald appearance with a deep receding hairline or bald patches should be reported. Manju V. Mukhiya It states that daily shaves must be made and crew cuts are not allowed. For female crew members, the list is longer: no pearl earrings, an optional bindi within 0.5 cm in size, only one bangle without designs and stones, and no high top knots or low buns for hair.
The latest norms however fine-tune every single aspect down to the minutest detail. While a detailed list was released a month ago, the airline recently released another document highlighting major changes to the same guidelines highlighted in bold font.
For female cabin crew, it specified only gold or diamond round-shaped earrings without designs or embellishments; One optional small bindi along the saree which is within 0.5 cm in size; The width of the rings does not exceed 1 cm and only one is allowed on each hand; Only single bangle without design and stones; Styling hair in high top knots or low buns is not permitted; Only four black bobby pins to use; Eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint and hair shade cards must be strictly followed (personalized colors are not allowed); Sheer calf length stockings matching the skin tone which is essential for flight duty with both sarees and Indo-Western wear etc.
Both male and female crew members with gray hair are also required to dye them their natural color on a regular basis. “Fashion colors and henna are not allowed,” it says. Black or religious thread is not allowed on wrist, neck, ankle. As if hinting at social media influencers, the guidelines state that the crew should not wear the uniform and its accessories while off-duty. The grooming guidelines issued earlier cover aspects like code of conduct (crew should not carry plastic bags or shopping bags in public area), deportment, etiquette, personal hygiene, method of carrying uniform etc.
Airline sources said the change has not yet been fully adopted by the crew. “For decades now, the finer details of the grooming norms have not been strictly followed. Details such as hair colour, or whether the head is shaved, wearing a tie-pin, were never implemented. The enforcement will happen first with the new lot of flight attendants,” said a crewmember, requesting anonymity.

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