All fans say the same thing about the monotonous sound on the BBC’s World Cup 2022 coverage after ignoring the entire opening ceremony

Football fans have condemned the BBC’s coverage of the first World Cup game after sound issues during the broadcast.

Gary Lineker covers the tournament live from Doha ahead of Qatar’s match with Ecuador.

The sound came and went during the BBC's coverage of the opening game


The sound came and went during the BBC’s coverage of the opening gameCredits: BBC

He opted out of showing any opening ceremony in a move criticized by many on social media.

And they got even more annoyed online when the audio started bizarrely cutting in and out.

Speaking on Twitter, one person said: “Why does it sound like someone is washing dishes in the background of BBC World Cup coverage? 🤣🤣🤣 The audio is terrible.”

Another added: “What’s wrong with the sound on BBC1?”

A third said: “Why does it look like someone is playing with a spoon next to the microphone on the BBC?”

A fourth added: “Is that stadium still being built with BBC sound in the background?”

And another said: “What’s with the sound on the BBC in the studio? It sounds like Gary on Teams talking into a glass box.”

The Qatar World Cup has come under severe criticism because of the country’s human rights record.

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There have also been allegations of corruption during the process of winning the bid.

But, almost 12 years after being awarded the tournament, it is now starting.

Qatar’s game against Ecuador is the only match scheduled on Sunday.

This will be followed by three more matches on Monday, starting with England v Iran, Senegal v Netherlands and USA v Wales.

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