AMD CPU Black Friday deals drop the Ryzen 9 7950X to just $549

published, 2022-11-24t12:33:51

Updates, 2022-11-24t12:33:51

In an effort to move more units, AMD has slashed the price of its flagship Zen 4 CPU to just $549 ahead of Black Friday.

Getting a CPU Black Friday deal just got a whole lot easier thanks to AMD slashing the prices of its Zen 4 lineup, which includes the astonishingly fast Ryzen 9 7950X, which is now just $549 . Compared to Intel’s 13th-gen lineup, the Zen 4 CPUs are still incredibly fast. Thanks to the sheer power of this gaming CPU, you’ll be sure to get the most frames out of your games with no thought of CPU bottlenecks.

Why is AMD slashing the Black Friday price?

AMD’s Zen 4 lineup hasn’t exactly been great. While they’re insanely fast, their price point has been less than ideal compared to Intel’s 13th-gen efforts. They have slashed the price of its flagship CPU by almost 30%, bringing it down to just $549. Considering its MSRP of $799, it’s an absolute steal.

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For those looking to pick up an RTX 40-series GPU, a faster CPU is essentially mandatory. Luckily. And this CPU Black Friday deal is a great candidate. If you’re going for the RTX 4090, or looking to get the RX 7900 XTX, you’ll need a faster CPU. Now is the perfect time to grab one while the price holds.

The rest of the CPU stack has also been given a slight discount. But, they’re not as aggressive as what we’re seeing with the Ryzen 9 7950X. There are going to be some last generation CPU deals for Black Friday. But, we rarely see such good deals for new products. It is likely that it will not sell, because you will also have to look for a new generation of motherboards. With the B650 chipset on the horizon, it might be a good time to get yourself a new CPU. Be sure to stay tuned for more CPU Black Friday deals, and more.

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