Andrew Tate is back on Twitter after Elon Musk lifted his 5-year ban

published, 2022-11-18t23:22:35

Updates, 2022-11-18T23:32:29

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has been officially banned from Twitter after being booted from several social media sites earlier this year.

Looks like Andrew Tate is officially back on Twitter, as his profile reads, cobratte, is back online.

Elon Musk reinstated Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson, and Babylon Bee after other users on the site posted “free speech” posts saying he had.

Tet Celebrating his comeback with a post that read, “Mastery is a funny thing. It’s almost as if, over long enough time scales, losing is not an option.

Musk has yet to comment on the apparent restoration of the Tate to the site at the time of writing.

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Andrew Tate returns to Twitter after 5 years of ban

Tate’s resurgence on Twitter comes after a five-year ban since she was initially kicked out of the platform in 2017.

Tate’s account appears to be completely legit, as he is followed by some big names like Joe Rogan and stems from 2017 choice, The year he was suspended.

The news is a major development for the inflammatory internet commentator, who was banned from several social media apps in Summer 2022. Notably, Tate was removed from Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, leaving the former kickboxer out of multiple outlets.

Following these restrictions, Tate published a “final message” via Vimeo, where he claimed that he would use a non-social media approach to reach his fans for ‘Hustlers’ University.

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Musk continues to make major changes to Twitter, the latest being after #RIPTwitter started trending in response to his significant changes on November 17, 2022.

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