Apex Legends Devs Accused Of Removing And Re-Releasing Paid Cosmetics In Season 15

published, 2022-11-20t11:20:44

Updates, 2022-11-20t11:21:03

Respawn Entertainment has been accused of removing cosmetic items previously purchased by Apex Legends players and re-releasing them for free as Twitch rewards in Season 15.

Apex Legends’ cosmetic items have become increasingly popular among the player base since its 2019 release, with fans clamoring for all rare items from weapon enchantments and skins through to elusive and sought-after legacies.

There has been some controversy over the cost of in-game cosmetics, but Respawn has consistently defended them, arguing to pay artists for their work and ensure they remain valuable.

However, a new controversy has cropped up in Season 15, with Respawn now accused of removing paid cosmetics from players’ accounts in order to re-release them as Twitch Drop rewards.

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Respawn accused of re-releasing paid Apex skin for free

The leak, shared by a reputed data miner on 18 November hypermistCosmetics revealed to be included in Season 15’s Twitch Drop Rewards; Awarded to players who tune into Apex Legends streams with associated creators.

These will include the ‘Iced Out’ Charm, the ‘Cult Classic’ Devotion Weapon Skin, the ‘Tribal Glyph’ RE45 Weapon Skin, the ‘Giggle Guard’ Charm and the ‘Packaged’ Charm.

However, fans quickly realized that some of the included cosmetics, such as Tribal Glyphs and Cult Classic weapon skins, have previously been released as paid items. Both were previously sold in the Apex Store for 500 Apex Coins, approximately $5 / £4 each.

To make matters worse, some players who previously purchased the items reported that they were removed from their Apex accounts when Season 15 began.

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One Player claimed: “I bought Iced Out in season 11 and it was removed from my account at the launch of this season. Now I know why lmao.

another Said: “I’ve never used that devotional skin but I had it, I was curious and just checked to see if it was still there and it’s gone.”

There’s likely an error or glitch, but at the time of writing, Respawn has not responded to the allegations or the alleged removal of previously purchased items.

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