Argentina Soccer Fan Token Plunges 30% After Shock Loss to Saudi Arabia at the FIFA World Cup

Argentina Football Federationcrypto fan token arg arg/usd The team’s condition has worsened since Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday.

What happened: According to CoinMarketCap, ARG was down 30% over the past 24 hours, going from a low of around $7.20 at the start of the match to a low of $5.15, at the time of writing.

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The Argentine Football Association partnered with crypto company Chiliz to create and launch the ARG token on its exchange.

Meanwhile, Saudis, an NFT collection, saw a slight increase in sales. The avatars, which resemble profile pictures, are apparently an unrelated “derivative” of the Cryptopunks NFTs.

On OpenSea, 52 NFTs from the Saudi Arabian winnings collection sold for an average of 0.2 ETH each, which is roughly $280. However, this brief surge appears to be a setback, as the underlying price of the collection has already dropped from its daily high of around 0.31 ETH to 0.24 ETH.

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