Best way to freeze fresh cranberries

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I’ve been the person who buys two bags of cranberries five days in advance, only to find that 50% of them are a horrible, soggy mess when it’s time to cook. Sadly, I’ve also been the person who waits until the day before Thanksgiving to find the cranberry shelf is completely slammed. None of these are good: Avoid this fate by stockpiling a few bags now and freezing them. (Before everyone else does.)

Regardless of where you stand on the great cranberry sauce debate, whole fresh cranberries are cold-Weather Gems. Use them in cookies, cakes, pies, or chill your beverages with them. through you (hopefully) Top notch, firm, unsweetened cranberries, you need to check them out. It’s important to do this now rather than putting the whole bag in the freezer. Once frozen, you won’t be able to easily tell whether they’ve gone bad or not. I usually open one bag at a time and roll them out on a sheet tray. squeeze them gently, and move them around to find whatever bustedextremely wrinkledeither Feel like a water balloon. These berries are well on their way, if not already, completely rotten. A good cranberry is firm with a hard shiny skin. Their color can range from pale pink to almost black, so don’t count on So much for color. Place the keepers in a bowl and move on to the next bag.

After sorting the berries, place them on a clean sheet tray, and place the entire sheet tray in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. Although this step is extra precautionary, it does allow the berries to break free from each other. Then take the semi-frozen berries and put them in a container or freezer bag. Store them in the freezer until you need them.

When you’re ready to use them, measure frozen berries directly into your recipe. There is no need to thaw them, they can be used immediately from the frozen state. put them in one pot to cook in sauce, or pour some into your champagne to keep it cold and celebration.

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