Best YouTube Extensions Everyone Should Be Using

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Like every other popular website, YouTube has its own share of features and annoyances. we have to cross clickbait thumbnails and endless ads read this get in the way-fLuckily, there are plenty of browser extensions that fix these issues, so you can focus less on the problem—Solution on video and more-bingeIng.

Before you download these extensions, Keep in mind that installing too many extensions is harmful for your browser. They can slow things down and sometimes affect your privacy. Make sure you are satisfied with the permissions each extension asks for and install only those you really need to.

youtube enhancer

If you want to install only one extension, youtube enhancer Must be your choice. It blocks ads, allows you to increase the volume for all videos, and lets you choose a different default video quality, frame rate, and codec. This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

volume master

If Your only YouTube problems are related amount, you should try volume master on chrome. This extension lets you boost the volume up to 600% and allows you to set a different volume level for each tab in the browser. If you are on firefox, try 600% sound volume rather than.

clickbait remover

Clickbait thumbnails are all over YouTube. If you’re tired of making 500 different versions of shocked faces for your favorite YouTubers’ thumbnails, you should install clickbait remover, This replaces the thumbnail with an actual screengrab of the video, which makes YouTube a very less annoying.

you can also check out youtube full title for video, which shows you the full title of each video. This removes the short headlines on the site and makes it easier for you to see if a video is worth watching.

ublock origin

ublock origin The best extension to block ads on YouTube. it also has many advanced features You should check out, such as Cookie Banner, Blocking Malware Domains and Remove Tracking from URLs.

sponsor block

sponsor block Automatically skips ads inside videos. You won’t even know the next time your favorite YouTuber tries to promote random products or services. Ideally, you should pair SponsorBlock with uBlock Origin for complete ad-blocking on YouTube.


vinegar ($1.99) is among Best Safari Extensions you can download. This forces YouTube to play in an HTML5 player, which means you can play video in background for free, It also blocks YouTube ads.


If you’re looking for an aesthetic change for YouTube, look no further than roundedtube, This extension adds rounded corners to the video thumbnails and makes the site more modern.

video speed controller

video speed controller There is a Chrome extension that lets you easily speed up or slow down YouTube videos. It has a handy set of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to control video speed, going beyond YouTube’s default 2x speed limit. This is handy for those who want to quickly skip to the meat of a long, windy video.

Even better, this extension also works with HTML5 videos on other websites.

video screenshot

When you need a screengrab from a video on YouTube or other streaming sites, video screenshot will help, It’s a simple extension that does its job well, and you can choose between JPG and PNG image formats for your screenshots.

bookmark it

Although YouTube has its own watch later feature that allows you to save videos, bookmark it Goes one step further. This extension lets you drop a bookmark at a given timestamp inside a video. That way, you can play bookmarked videos from that timestamp and easily find the information you need. To add a bookmark to a YouTube video, all you have to do is press B on the keyboard, which will Using the extension is quite easy.

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