Black Friday home theater deals 2022: Projectors, TVs and audio

published, 2022-11-25t15:24:48

Updates, 2022-11-25t15:24:57

From TVs, projectors and the right speaker setup, here are the best Black Friday home theater deals we’ve gathered so far,

Depending on what you’re after home theater, you could start to see those prices skyrocket. So why not treat yourself this Black Friday? There’s never been a better time than now to settle in and watch some Christmas classics, or even some of this year’s best movies.

Below you’ll find the best deals to build the best home theater this side of 2022. If you’re after things like TVs or just speakers, we’ve already got you covered.

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Home theater projector sales this Black Friday

We recently reviewed the XGIMI Horizon 4K Projector, which actually gave us an impressive picture, not as much as you’d think. However, $1800 can still make eyes water, which is why we’re excited that it looks like the company is narrowing down its wares across the board.

This deal will start on November 23 and end on November 28.

Best Buy Projector Savings

Meanwhile, at Best Buy, it looks like their early deals are now turning into full-on Black Friday deals. Here are some of the best options we’ve found so far:

Black Friday B&H Home Theater Savings

you will also find $1700 off At B&H, which has gone for the edgy thing in terms of price reductions:

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Top TV deals for your home theater for Black Friday

Amazon is currently running some cracking deals on TVs, even as their Black Friday sale hasn’t quite kicked off yet. For now, you can pick up a budget 4K TV to kickstart your home theater, or jump in with some of the best OLED screens from LG right now.

speaker and soundbar

What’s the point of using your TV or projector speakers? Upgrade yourself with these healthy deals from Amazon, including Bose, JBL, and Philips.

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