Daisy mocks Logan Paul for not getting paid by Floyd Mayweather

published, 2022-11-23t04:44:00

Updates, 2022-11-23t02:57:07

Although Daisy missed out on a win against Floyd Mayweather, it looks like she scored a victory over Logan Paul as the British YouTube star was actually paid for her performance against the ‘Pretty Boy’ of boxing.

When Logan Paul stepped into the ring against Floyd Mayweather in 2021, the internet froze for round eight. It was a huge spectacle bigger than any YouTube-boxing-era event before it, however, as one half of the equation left the venue that night with empty pockets.

Paul was quick to make public the fact that Mayweather didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. While the boxing icon walked away with crores, social media celebs remained empty-handed. In fact, months after their bout, Paul even took steps to sue Mayweather for lack of pay.

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It’s been over a year and the dispute is still not resolved, with Paul now angling for a rematch on top of receiving his original purse. Meanwhile, British YouTuber and KSI’s younger brother Daisy boxes Mayweather. In doing so, he claimed to have drained the large well ahead of Paul.

“I have to ask,” Sidemen Miniminter told Daisy during the latest episode of the What’s Good podcast. “Just because of the Logan fight… I’m not asking how much, but did you at least get some advance payment?”

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“Yes,” answered Deji without hesitation. Although no exact amount was specified, it is clear that Deji received some of his fight purse even before stepping into the ring with the undefeated Mayweather.

Daisy discusses his Mayweather payoff at the 26:23 mark below.

“Apparently, when Logan fought, he keeps talking about how he still hasn’t got anything. And now you fought him, you at least got something,” the Miniminter said. “I just have Better management, agents, all that,” Daisy jokes, mocking Paul in the process.

Recalling his fight with Vinnie Hacker at the now infamous YouTubers vs TikTokers event, Daisy explained how he has been in a similar situation before. Eventually, the fighters on that particular card reportedly walked away without pay. However, Daisy’s team was smart enough to secure their bags and then repeated that strategy at the recent Mayweather event.

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