Delhi massacre: Skull parts found in forest; In search of Shraddha’s remains, the police dug out the pond. india news

New Delhi: The Delhi Police Parts of a skull and some bones were recovered from a forest area in the national capital on Sunday and teams were deployed to drain a pond in Maidangarhi. faith walkerStays sharp
The police also took the accused into custody Aftab Poonawala The flat he and Walker lived in to gather more evidence in the gruesome murder of Shraddha Walker.

A senior official of the Rohini Forensic Science Laboratory told PTI, “We have taken up the matter. Our teams of forensic experts discussed in detail with the Delhi Police officials about conducting the narco analysis test and preparations are on for the same.
skull parts recovered
Police have recovered pieces of skull and other body parts, mostly bones, on the third day of extensive searches in the forest areas of Mehrauli and Gurugram in the Delhi-NCR region. These will be sent for forensic examination.
On May 18, 27-year-old Walker was allegedly strangulated by Poonawalla and cut her body into about three dozen pieces, which he kept in a 300-litre fridge at his residence in south Delhi’s Mehrauli for about three weeks, and then dumped in the middle of the night. thrown across the city. ,
Not far from Mehrauli, police along with MCD teams have been working since Sunday afternoon to pump out water from a pond. The exercise began after Poonawala claimed that he had thrown her head and some other remains into the reservoir.


Police personnel conducting a search operation in the forest area of ​​Mehrauli (ANI)
RWA president Mahaveer Pradhan said, “We have heard that some parts of the body have been dumped here and a search is on. They are drawing water from the pond. This pond supplies water to tube wells in the area.” ” Village
They said they are ready to help the police but instead of emptying the pond, there could be another way to find the body parts.
narco test can be done tomorrow
Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has prepared a 40-item questionnaire for Aftab Poonawalla’s narco-analysis test to be conducted on Monday.
The police was taking the help of experts to prepare the questionnaire.

The narco test has become necessary because, an official revealed, “Aftab is constantly changing his statements during interrogation. He answers questions confidently without showing any sign of nervousness.”
A senior official of the Forensic Science Laboratory said that the narco-analysis was time consuming and several tests were conducted before the narco test.
Pre-narco tests determine the medical parameters of the individual and include analyzes carried out by psychologists.
‘After developed hatred for Walker’
On Thursday, a court had allowed the city police to continue custodial interrogation of Poonawalla for five more days.
Sources close to the investigation said that Poonawalla claimed that he burnt three pictures of Walker in his kitchen after killing him.
During interrogation, the accused said that he had developed a hatred for Walker and after killing her, went through various belongings of the couple.
Three large photographs of Walker were in his bedroom, including two solo photographs from his Uttarakhand tour and a 2020 photograph of the couple near the Gateway of India in Mumbai.
When questioned, he said that he wanted to destroy all evidence in the house linking Walker. Police recovered a bag of belongings, including Walker’s shoes and clothes, from the house.
As the police are looking for evidence to nab Poonawalla in court and ensure his conviction, experts here said circumstantial evidence and forensic investigation are key in such cases.
Noting that it is a six-month-old murder, former Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava said the crime scene has been cleared and the police are relying on the confession of the accused, who appears to be a “clever” person.
“This is going to be a very difficult case and it will require the help of all parts of the criminal justice system to catch him. The police will do what they can, but the court will also have to understand the situation and act accordingly.” Gotta do it.” he told PTI.
Police teams are roaming in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Dehradun and some areas of Himachal Pradesh as part of the investigation into the murder case.
(With inputs from PTI)

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