Dillon Dennis brawls with KSI and Anthony Taylor ahead of Misfits boxing event

published, 2022-11-18t20:09:36

Updates, 2022-11-18t20:09:43

During the weigh-ins for the Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003 event, Dillon Dennis walked up to KSI during the live-streamed event and started a fight, which resulted in the two being separated by security.

Dillon Dennis claimed that Logan Paul pulled out of the fight due to the injuries Paul suffered during his WWE bout against Roman Reigns. A fight that, according to Dennis, was set to take place on the fight card of the Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003 event.

Dennis made it to the weigh-in for the event and went straight up to KSI, another boxer there to help promote the Misfits event and publicize things in their efforts. But Dillon seemed eager to drag KSI into the ring with him.

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He approached the prolific boxer during a live-streamed weigh-in, asking KSI to “sign the contract,” then threatened to eject him. “You want me to choke you right here?” From there a stampede broke out.

KSI and Dillon Dennis clash at the Misfits boxing weigh-in

KSI didn’t sit down and take Dennis’ comment. He followed up by saying, “I could kick you out if I wanted to.” in the north. the two taunt each other until Dillon Dennis throws the first punch.

The two kept smiling at each other and a small argument turned into a full blown brawl in less than a second. Someone’s drink spilled, the camera got wet and the entire venue turned into a brawl.

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The two eventually parted ways, and the broadcast got back on track after the unexpected interruption. But Dennis wasn’t done.

minutes later footage The boxer is shown outside the venue brawling with Anthony Taylor which would turn into a group brawl.

Weigh-in-person and home-viewers got more than they bargained for.

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