DOJ announces special counsel to oversee Trump probe

In the weeks before the midterm elections, the Justice Department observed a traditional quiet period not to take any overt steps that could have political consequences.

But behind the scenes, there have been aggressive grand jury subpoenas and secretive court battles to compel testimony from witnesses in an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the alleged mishandling of national security documents held by him. While using, the investigators kept busy. Beach House.

Federal investigators plan to ramp up their post-election probe into Trump-related activities. That includes the possibility of impeaching Trump’s allies – moves that could be further complicated after Trump announces his presidential run on Tuesday.

A defense attorney working on cases related to January 6 said, “They can charge almost anybody if they want to.”
“It’s scary,” said the lawyer.

The Justice Department brought in a brain trust for high-level advice on the Trump investigation, according to people familiar with the moves.

Top justice officials have looked to an old guard, former Southern District of New York prosecutors, to bring into the investigation David Raskin, a Kansas City-based federal prosecutor and national security expert, as well as David Rodey, a prosecutor-turned-defense attorney. Specializing in gang and conspiracy cases and has worked extensively with government allies.

Roddy, whose involvement was not previously reported, has in recent weeks secured a lucrative partnership at the prestigious corporate defense firm Siddeley Austin to become a senior attorney at the DOJ in the Criminal Division in Washington, according to his LinkedIn profile and sources familiar with the move. Abandoned. ,

The team handling the day-to-day work of Jan. 6 at the DC US Attorney’s office is also growing – the office’s treason cases against right-wing extremists are being heard.

A handful of other prosecutors have joined the January 6 investigation team, including a high-ranking fraud and public corruption prosecutor who moved from a supervisory position to the team, and one with years of experience in criminal appellate work The prosecutor is now involved in some of the grand jury activity.

Taken together, the prosecutors’ reshuffle signals a grim and snowballing investigation into Trump and his close circles.

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