Dr. Fauci’s legacy burned: ‘Perfect example’ of why no one should be in a position of power for so long

“The Five” co-host Dagan McDowell criticized White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday for his COVID advice ahead of the holidays and his legacy in managing the pandemic.

Deegan McDowell: The only good thing I have to say about Tony Fauci, or Tony Fauci, is goodbye, don’t let the door close on you where the good Lord divided you. In fact, I hope the door hits you on a–. Bye. he is disgusting power-hungry, bureau-hackAnd the danger is that he is a perfect example of why no one should be in a position of power for so long.

Dr. Anthony Fauci will step down in December

He was to paraphrase Brit Hume, he’s an epidemiologist, you should be in charge of fighting disease, not our economy, not our children’s development, not businesses, no education for our childrenNone of these. Billions of dollars of property were destroyed because of that. Businesses collapsed. the children are shocked for their lifetime. We are on a financial path of a terrible burden in the coming decades, and he will never pay the price and I guarantee you he will get a job from some leftist hack.

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