Elon Musk Keeps This Twitter ‘Rain’ Feature Even After Sacking 50% of Workforce

Twitter Inc. It seems to have retained a characteristic originating from the formerElon Musk acquisition day.

What happened: On Thursday, TechTwitter Jane Manchun Wong shared a screen recording of one of his tweets, which is raining on turkey’s head.

Wong further said that the feature originated as a Hack Week project in January, before Musk took the reins of the microblogging site.

Earlier, only select advertisers would get to rent hashtags, that too for a specific period, and it was a costly affair.

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Why this is important: Some users complained that the feature is a “nightmare for people with visual impairments”. According to Wong, the issue can be resolved by using the Twitter Reduce Motion options.

Go to “Settings and Support”, tap on “Settings and Privacy”, navigate to “Accessibility” and toggle your preference for low speed off or on.

Meanwhile, some Twitter employees were happy to see the feature get attention, even though more than half the team is now gone.

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