Elton John nears Farewell Tour all-time boxscore record – Billboard

Elton John played his final US touring concert over the weekend, bidding goodbye to his fans on the road in America with three shows at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. With their last 13 home shows reported, the total gross boxscore for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour Sprint is nearing the top of the heap. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, John’s Goodbye Tour has grossed $749.9 million and sold more than 5 million tickets since its launch in 2018.

This means that since our last report on his whereabouts, John has added nearly $90 million to his total gross and is now within $30 million of Ed Sheeran’s The Divide Tour, which ended with a record-setting $776.4 million. The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour has become the second highest-grossing tour in Boxscore history, surpassing U2’s 360 Tour ($736.4 million). (John still has about 50 shows left in Australia and Europe next year, so he may soon surpass Sheeran’s record — more on that in a moment.)

Ultimately, the North American stadium leg of the tour added $222.1 million to its total gross, doubling the revenue of its home territory in the spring, and tripling the revenue of its summer spree of European stadium shows. Their fall dates averaged $6.7 million and 40,500 tickets.

Those three finals at Dodger Stadium grossed $23.5 million and sold 142,970 tickets on November 17, 19 and 20. The last of them was livestreamed on Disney+ and featured guest appearances by Brandi Carlile, Kiki D, and Dua Lipa. It was the largest gross and attendance of the entire tour, surpassing the $16.7 million at Gillette Stadium and 99,827 tickets at MetLife Stadium, which were all played in July.

This was John’s third visit to Dodger Stadium after shows in 1992 (two nights – $3.4 million; 99,453 tickets) and 1975 (two nights).

With $26.5 million separating John’s departure from Sheeran’s mid-career high, each report becomes more tense than the last. The trek will continue in January with 10 shows in Australia and New Zealand. They played 38 shows on the continent between November 2019 and March 2020 for an average of $2.5 million. At that rate, he’ll end January at $774.4 million, just $2 million short of the record.

But their previous Oceania run was in arenas and their 2023 shows will be in stadiums. With the increased venue capacities, it’s bound to break Sheeran’s record early in the new year, and even if ticket prices (and thus, grosses) remain modest, it should be able to make headlines in Europe. With over 40 shows to follow, it’s all but inevitable that John will set a new all-time high. It is a matter of when.

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