Endor episode 12 ending explained

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Endor Season 1 Episode 12 comes to an end in an action-packed finale — if you want to catch yourself on the main takeaways by the end, here you go.

In Endor Episode 12, after months away in Niamos and imprisoned on Narkina 5, Cassian finally comes home to Ferix after the death of his mother, Marva. You can read our review here.

Cassian is savvy, so he knows this is a prime opportunity… and a trap, whether it be Daedra Miro, Cyril Karn, or Luthien Rael, before he can reveal his secrets and threaten the rebellion , Wants to get rid of him.

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Ultimately, chaos erupts in the town, so let’s lay out exactly what happened by the time the credits roll, and what that might mean going forward.

Spoilers for Andor Episode 12 to follow…

Endor episode 12 ending explained

First, let’s deal with Cassian. He manages to rescue Bix from the Imperial base at the hotel and puts her on a ship with Brasso, Salman’s son Wilman, B2emo and Jeezy, and tells them to sail beyond the Far Side Sea.

The droid is upset that Cassian isn’t going with them, but Bix smiles and assures everyone: “He’ll find us. Cassian will find us. We can expect him to appear again in Season 2, although this focus Worth keeping is that the next batch of episodes will come out over the course of four years, so it’s unclear whether this will happen initially.

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Daedra Miro survived the riot – if only. She’s decked up after suffering a head injury, and when she’s surrounded by townspeople, it looks like she’d be pulled over just to have dessert. Unfortunately, it is her not-so-secret admirer Cyril who takes her to safety. “I should probably say thank you,” she tells him, trembling. In fairness, he thought her life was over, but that doesn’t make their sexual tension any less troubling.

Daedra Miro in Endor Episode 12Disney+

Mon Mothma doesn’t have much to do in the finale except hand over her daughter to Davo Skuldon’s son in exchange for money laundering. It’s a depressing scene, and hopefully Season 2 will lean more into her work in the Rebel Alliance – perhaps this will be what pushes her over the edge. The sooner he leaves Perrin, the better.

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Luthien goes back to his ship after failing to find Cassian, but Cassian is waiting for him. “You came here to kill me, didn’t you?” he asks. “Kill me… or take me in.” Luthien grabs his blaster – God, I wish he had taken out his lightsaber, but this is a fan demand of mine that hasn’t been answered… I’m only human! – and prepares himself to shoot.

He doesn’t pull the trigger. He laughs. An alliance is formed, and the Rebellion lives to fight another day. Force be with them.

As far as that jaw-dropping post-credits scene goes, you can read about that here.

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Andor Season 1 is now available to stream. You can sign up for Disney+ here.

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