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Whenever someone new to your home, one of the first questions they ask is, “What is WiFi?” Sure, You Can Tell Them, But Can You know? To be honest, I don’t. If you’re like me, you have some complicated WiFi name and password combo on the bottom of your router you need to consult every now and then.needed. Luckily, there’s an easy way to step up your WiFi sharing game without needing to change passwords or commit anything to memory.

Of course, the situation is not as bad as it used to be. If you and your guests both have iPhones, you can share your network credentials with a single tap. That said, to start that process, your friend must first select your WiFi network from the list, And They need to be a contact in your phone, adding extra steps to what could be a seamless setup.

On the Android side, you can share your Wi-Fi password using the built-in QR code. again, more convenient than in the past, but there’s room for improvement. You shouldn’t need to attend when guests want to jump on the WiFi.

How NFC Can Improve WiFi Password Sharing

In 2022, the solution for sharing WiFi passwords comes in NFC as soon as possible. You probably use NFC (Near Field Communication) often, as it is the main technology behind mobile payments (such as Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay). When you hover your smartphone over a POS terminal, your phone’s NFC chip communicates with the NFC chip in the terminal, and handles the payment process from there.

The Same Intuitive Technique Can Be Yours for a variety of use cases. But in this particular case, we are going to focus on using it for WiFi sharing. Just as you scan an NFC tag to pay for your morning coffee, you can scan an NFC tag to instantly connect to a current WiFi network. That way, you can place the NFC tag in a convenient spot, like your entryway, and direct guests to wave their phones at it to connect to WiFi, no password required.

While it may seem like something reserved for businesses or corporate environments, NFC itself is a very accessible and affordable technology. You can pick up NFC tags In packs of 10, 30, 50, or 100, for as little as 28 cents a tag.

The only issue is: While you can set up NFC tags from any smartphone, so far only Android devices can connect to NFC tags over WiFi. While iPhones obviously have NFC, iOS won’t let you connect to WiFi directly from one. Since This Hack Works, It’s Also A Splurge So Good on AndroidBut there is a way to make things easier for everyone.

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password with NFC

Setting up a tag is very easy. As demonstrated by TikTok creator b_turn50All you need is the free NFC Tool app iphone either Android, Open the app, tap Write, then tap Add Record. Scroll down and tap on “Wi-Fi network”. Here, tap “Edit” under Authentication and choose the encryption type of your WiFi (most connections are WPA/WPA2-Personal). Now, enter the name of your WiFi network under “SSID” and the password under “Password”, then tap “OK”.

Now, tap “Write.” When prompted, scan a blank NFC tag and the app will write your data to the tag. From here, the tag is set up to share on any Android device. Your guest just has to wave their Android over the tag, and they’ll be asked to connect to WiFi without having to enter a password.

However, that leaves out your iPhone friends, of whom you probably have a lot. While you can leave your WiFi credentials on a note next to the NFC tag, there are more creative and technical ways to go about it.

Add a Digital Note to an NFC Tag

One thing to try, if you have an Apple device, is adding a digital note to your NFC tag that iPhone friends can access when they scan the tag. That way, they’ll still see the credentials, even if it’s less convenient than on Android.

First, open the Apple Notes app, then type in your Wi-Fi credentials here. You can title it something like “My WiFi” with your WiFi name and password listed below. Now, tap the Share icon , tap “Collaborate,” then, under “Who can access,” select “Anyone with the link.” Go back, then select “Copy Link”.

Now, go back to your NFC device setup. Select “Add Record,” tap “URL/URI,” then paste your iCloud link in the text box. Select “OK,” then make sure “URL/URI” is below “Wi-Fi Network” in the list of actions, so it only appears if the first action fails. Now, write that process in your NFC tag.

That combination should have these results: Your Android friends will scan the tag and see the option to connect to WiFi, while your iPhone friends will be prevented from doing so, instead prompted with a link to launch the note.

Create a QR code with your WiFi credentials

While iPhones are not able to connect directly to WiFi networks via NFC, they Huh Can be done through QR code. As such, you can create a QR code with your WiFi credentials, print it, and place it on an NFC tag. This way, iPhones users can scan the code, and Android users can have their choice: scan the code, or, save time and just move your phone close to the code/tag and have the WiFi pick up right away.

Any QR code generator will do, but whether you choose a website or app, choose one with a good reputation. you can try Bitly’s QR code generator, For example. Here, setup is the same as for NFC tags: Enter your network name, password, and encryption type, then hit “Download” to save the code to your computer. Now, print it out, and put it wherever you want.

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