Here’s How to Disagree Over Thanksgiving Dinner

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Even the most like-minded families don’t agree on everything, and holiday dinners are often the setting for heated discussions. controversial topics. Of course, we don’t plan for that to happen, but when you think about it, the timing makes sense, given that people who can’t be othersSimilarly see each other gathered around the same table.

So if these difficult conversations are inevitable, you might as well make them count., Here are some ways to make disagreement more productive,

How to make disagreements more productive

While disagreements are bound to happen, here’s how to make the most of them and keep your relationships intact.

to be honorable

This should go without saying, but it’s entirely possible to disagree with someone without being a jerk about it. When people feel they’re being treated unfairly, they tend to overhear, so in addition to showing respect for who you’re eating with, it’s likely to lead to a better conversation. This includes refraining from raising your voice while trying to get your point across.

agree to disagree

As soon as it becomes clear that not everyone is on the same page when it comes to a particular topic or issue, it is best to acknowledge it immediately, and agree to disagree, Ideally, this would change the tone and spirit of the conversation that tries to get people to change their mind, which is more about explaining to people their position and the reasons behind it.

move on when the time comes

Know when a disagreement has run its course and may be entering less-than-friendly territory. turn it off, Or, if there are topics that are so emotionally charged that no benefit can be gained from discussing them, avoid them altogether.

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