How to check your KD and stats in Warzone 2

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With the end of Warzone 2 here and players en masse heading to Al Majra, you’ll be figuring out the meta, the best way to play and the most efficient ways to get kills and wins. But how exactly can you check your stats?

The Call of Duty battle royale hit dropped just weeks after Modern Warfare 2 launched, on the new Unified 2.0 engine to take the franchise forward once again.

That said, what many players loved to monitor in the original Warzone were their combat records and personal stats. Whether it’s your kill-to-death (KD) ratio, the number of wins you’ve earned, or the number of times you find yourself in the top 10 players in a match, there’s a lot to point out. Good to see how skilled a player you were, as well as monitoring when you improved.

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But how can you do it in Warzone 2?

warzone 2 combat records and statistics

At the time of writing, there is There is no combat record or way to access your personal stats in Warzone 2,

That said, you can view your Modern Warfare II stats from the game launcher and they show up under a ‘multiplayer’ tab, suggesting that battle royale may be coming down the line.

As with previous titles, you can also check out CODTracker for more specific stats, although this hasn’t been populated for Warzone 2 at the time of writing.

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