I Gave My Daughter a Unique Name and People Are Blaming the American Education System

Parent name suggestion is freaking people out.

An anonymous Redditor who goes by @Fine-like-red-wine shared a post on a forum.

A parent asked for name ideas for their baby girl and people are livid


A parent asked for name ideas for their baby girl and people are lividcredit: Getty

“Baby name suggestions?” asked a mom on a parenting forum.

“Opinion on this name too: Wesley.”

“I’ve seen a few girls with the name and I think it’s unique and adorable but I’m worried he’ll be mocked since Wesley’s primarily a boy’s name,” she explained.

“We liked the idea of ​​changing it to Leigh instead of Lei to make the name more feminine and to incorporate my mother-in-law’s middle name!”

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People did not take the suggestion of the name seriously.

“This is getting out of hand,” commented the original poster.

Others took to the comments to share their thoughts.

One commenter, whose comment got the most support from the forum, blamed the American education system.

“It seems to me that if more adults had access to art, poetry, or other creative classes, we wouldn’t be funneling untapped creativity into strange endeavors like this,” he said.

“America started reducing public school arts budgets in the ’90s,” replied one.

“We are reaping what we have sown. May God have mercy on us all.”

Others were just excited.

“For. love. of God,” said another.

,bangs head against wall,

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“I honestly don’t know what’s worse, this stupid “eight” trend or giving girls boy names.”

“Looks like we sleigh,” joked a third.

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