I Took 10 Paise Off At B&M Using An Easy Hack And Here’s How You Can Too… But You Better Act Fast

A shopping guru has revealed how easily it is to find 10p bargains at B&M – including some items that used to be over £100.

Holly Smith – fondly called the ‘Coupon Queen’ – has taken to TikTok to show you how to spot bargains.

Holly Smith - dubbed the 'coupon queen' - shares how to spot B&M's 10p deals


Holly Smith – dubbed the ‘coupon queen’ – shares how to spot B&M’s 10p dealsCredit: TikTok/@hollyvlogsofficial
All you need is your phone to find low priced products


All you need is your phone to find low priced productsCredit: TikTok/@hollyvlogsofficial

The elusive 10p B&M deals are highly sought after, as enthusiastic shoppers look for new ways to beat the cost of living.

And Holly reveals how to find them easily – and all you need is your phone.

“First you need to download the B&M app on the App Store”, she said.

“You’ll notice there’s a button to sign up and log in – but you don’t need it.

“At the bottom of the application you will see Scan, click on it and you will have your own personal barcode scanner”.

The handy hack allows shoppers to work their way through the store and find any item marked down at a cut-price deal.

Sometimes items — which have to be sold because they are at the end of the range — are marked down in the store’s internal system before employees have a chance to replace their price stickers.

This means an amazing deal could be hiding right under your nose.

But finding 10p items has led to clashes in the past – such as when a bookie who spotted a shelf of products was reprimanded for leaving nothing for other shoppers.

Meanwhile, another punter has also counterattacked after clearing the shelves at Wilco after he noticed the seeds had been reduced to just 5p a packet – picking up 533 packets for just £26.

Holly, who appears on ITV’s This Morning to share her shopping hacks with Brits, recently shared how she saves up to £160 on her grocery bill every month.

She is part of The Sun’s Squeeze team panel, and revealed how she cuts her food bill by £120 a month by using savings apps.

She earns £40 a month using cashback sites.

His savings of £160 equates to an eye-watering £1,920 over the year.

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