Improve Your Safari Browsing Experience With These Automatic Redirects

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Internet browsing has its dangers. Some websites are unusable due to pop-ups, ads or poor design. If you encounter these sites frequently, automatic redirects can help lead you to a better place (at least on the Internet).

Sometimes desktop versions of websites have options that are missing from their mobile counterparts—you can automatically redirect to switch to the desktop version of any site. In other cases, you may prefer to open certain sites in an app as opposed to a browser. Or maybe you want to automatically redirect a URL to bypass paywalls from certain sites. In all of these cases, you’ll need a browser extension to assist you.

For Safari on iOS and macOS, redirect web There’s a good alternative: It’s a free download for up to two redirect rules, and you can pay $3.99 one time to unlock unlimited rules. Once you have downloaded and installed this Safari extension, you can open it and set up rules. Setting up redirects is fairly easy, but you’ll need to understand the basics in order to use it successfully.

The simplest form of redirect would be to change from one version of the site to another. For example, you can try to send all YouTube video links to someone malicious example To remove tracking and add additional features, such as the ability to download videos. In this example, you want to have* In redirect from area, and$1 In redirect to Farm. This will force all YouTube videos on Safari to use the Invidious front-end. The asterisk at the end of the YouTube URL rule allows the web to pick up the URL no matter what video is playing. Similarly, the $1 The parameter automatically pastes the text after into the redirected page.

This is the simplest set of parameters that most people will find useful when trying out this extension. If you know a bit of JavaScript, you’ll be able to create much more complex redirection rules and set up this extension according to your needs. The screenshot below shows some examples and the same image is available on Redirect Web’s App Store page.

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if you have already bought stop the madness ($4.99 on iPhone, $6.99 on Mac), it also has a URL redirect feature, along with several other useful features, such as enabling copy-paste on websites that block it.

You should remember that the URL redirect feature will not work if you have disabled JavaScript.

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