International community has to fight shoulder to shoulder to defeat terrorism: Amit Shah | india news

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said that no country alone can defeat terrorism, adding that the international community must continue to fight shoulder to shoulder against this increasingly complex and borderless menace.
Addressing the closing ceremony of the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Terrorism Financing ‘No Money for Terror’, he said that some countries and their agencies have made terrorism their state policy.
Shah said, “Along with economic repression in terrorist sanctuaries, it is necessary to curb their unbridled activities. All countries have to rise above their geopolitical interests.”
He said that some countries repeatedly support terrorists and those who give shelter to terrorism.
Shah said, “I believe that terrorism has no international boundaries, so all countries should think beyond politics and cooperate with each other.”
He called for transparency in intelligence sharing among the international community to defeat this “borderless menace” of terrorism.
“Our first commitment should be cooperation with transparency. All countries, all organizations should pledge complete transparency in sharing intelligence in a better and effective way,” he said.
Citing India’s action against an organization promoting radicalization among youth, the Home Minister said that every country should identify such organizations and take strong action against them.
He said that we have to fight this war against terrorism and terrorist groups in every geographical area, in every virtual space.
“India has realized the need for continuation of this unique initiative nmft, to maintain a continued global focus on combating the financing of terrorism. The time has come to set up a permanent secretariat.” He said it has been proposed to be set up in India.
He said the approach to fighting terrorism should be based on five pillars – comprehensive surveillance framework which includes cooperation, coordination and collaboration among all intelligence and investigative agencies, the strategy of “trace, targetAnd sacked“Upgrading from low-level economic crimes to more organized economic crimes, strengthening and harmonizing legal frameworks related to terror finance, stronger mechanisms against misuse of next generation technology and legal and regulatory for asset recovery strengthen the structure.

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