It’s not just you. Disney’s CEO reportedly thinks its theme parks have become too expensive.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause poses in front of Disney World's Cinderella Castle.

Disney has raised prices at its major parks this year.Amanda Krause / Insider

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Disney’s CEO was concerned about rising prices at its theme parks.

  • Bob Iger made a surprise return as CEO of Disney on Sunday, returning less than a year after leaving the company.

  • The daily admission price at Disney’s theme parks has increased to $189 this year.

If you feel that daily expenses have become very expensive over the years, you are not alone.

Disney’s top executive Bob Iger thinks prices at the company’s theme parks have gone too high, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people close to him.

Iger, who reclaimed the CEO position on Sunday after leaving the company less than a year ago, complained to friends about the decisions of his successor, Bob Chapek, according to the paper. Sources told the Journal that he was upset about price hikes at Disney’s parks, which include Walt Disney World, Disneyland and others.

Iger, who ran Disney from 2005 to 2020 and served as chairman until the end of 2021, felt Chapek focused on Disney’s streaming business to the detriment of the company’s other divisions, including theme parks and TV. people said.

“He’s killing the soul of the company,” Iger reportedly said.

Disney did not respond to a request for comment.

It is not clear what prices Iger was referring to. Ticket prices rose this year along with the cost of concessions. Disney also said it was earning more on hotels. Chapek told investors in May that people are spending 40% more at Disney’s theme parks than before the pandemic.

This month, Walt Disney World announced that daily admission prices would increase starting December 8th. Currently, the most expensive ticket is $159. Soon it will be $189. The cost of the annual pass will also go up.

This year, Disney also raised daily and annual ticket prices at California’s Disneyland Resort and raised the cost of its line-skipping add-on, Genie Plus.

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