Jimmy Falla sounds out on Kamala Harris’ trip: Fishermen in the Philippines are ‘as confused as we are’

“Fox Across America” ​​host Jimmy Fila said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends First” that the Biden administration is now giving “fake jobs” to VP Kamala Harris. FILA reacts to new video of Harris greeting and thanking local fishermen during her visit to the Philippines, while the border crisis in the US continues

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JIMMY FAILLA: I love that they give him a fake job. Anyone who has kids has been in this situation before, where it’s been like a busy day around the house, and you need the kids to get out of the way, so you say, ‘Lincoln, are you monsters? Can be taken out of the wash. machine?’ they are toying with Vice President. ‘Kamla, Can you get the monsters out of the fish hatchery?’ It’s like, ‘Oh, hello, everybody. I am here in search of demons.’ It’s a farce… and they’re just as confused as we are. Who is this random lady? We have a Walmart greeter on the docks, it was bizarre as soon as we came in.

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