Joe Biden’s granddaughter’s wedding at the White House sets up a presidential run: A history of 19 special weddings

One of the most important decisions a couple preparing to marry can make is where to hold the wedding. If one of your parents or grandparents is currently the President of the United States, this may make the decision easier. Here’s a look at the history of weddings hosted by the White House, including the first to be held in November 2022.

What happened: For the first time, a grandson of a serving president has been married in the White House. Naomi Biden, granddaughter of President Joe BidenThe wedding took place on November 19, 2022 at the White House.

naomi biden married peter neal Saturday in a private ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. She is the eldest granddaughter of President Biden and is now the only granddaughter to marry in the White House while her grandfather was acting president.

At 28, Naomi is the eldest of seven Biden grandchildren. Naomi is said to have helped encourage her grandfather to run for president in 2019 and called a family meeting to discuss the idea. Naomi may be involved in Biden’s decision on whether to participate in the 2024 presidential election.

Naomi is named after Biden’s first daughter, who died in a car accident with Biden’s first wife in 1972 Neilia Biden. Biden’s granddaughter is Naomi’s daughter hunter biden And Kathleen BuhleWho got divorced in 2017.

Details of the wedding were top secret, with wedding vendors signing non-disclosure agreements.

Biden and Neil currently live in the White House. They have been featured at many White House events and most recently passed out candy from the President’s home on Halloween. The entire wedding expenses were borne by the first couple and Jill Biden.

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Rare White House Weddings: Home to the President of the United States since 1800, the White House is one of the most recognizable buildings in the country.

According to, the Biden wedding is now one of only 19 weddings to be hosted by the White House.

Here are the last 18 weddings held at the White House:

Lucy Payne Washington and Thomas ToddMarch 29, 1812: The first documented marriage at the White House involved the first lady’s sister Washington Dolly Madison.

Maria Hester Munro and Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, March 9, 1820: Maria Hester Monroe, daughter of james monroeShe was the first daughter of a President to marry inside the White House.

John Adams and Mary Catherine HelenFebruary 25, 1828: Adams, son of Pres. John Quincy Adams, became the first son of a president to marry in the White House. Adams also had grandchildren John AdamsSecond President of the United States.

Mary A. Eastine and Lucius J. PolkApril 10, 1832: Eastin was the first lady’s niece Rachel Jackson.

Mary Anne Louise and Alphonse PejotNovember 29, 1832: The daughter of a close friend of Lewis was President Andrew Jackson.

Elizabeth Tyler and William Waller, January 31, 1842: Elizabeth was the daughter of President John Tyler.

Nellie Grant and Algernon SartoiseMay 21, 1874: Nellie had a daughter President Ulysses S. Grant.

Emily Platt and Russell Hastings, June 1878: Platt was the first lady’s niece lucy hayes,

President Grover Cleveland and Frances FolsomJune 2, 1886: Cleveland was the first president to marry in the White House. Serving as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States, Cleveland is the only President to serve non-consecutive terms and the only President to marry in the White House.

Alice Lee Roosevelt and Nicholas LongworthFebruary 17, 1906: Eldest child of President Theodore Roosevelt, Alice Lee Roosevelt was married in “one of the most lavish weddings in White House history,” according to Roosevelt and her husband cut the wedding cake with a military sword, a move that became a White House tradition.

Jesse Woodrow Wilson and Francis Bowes Sayre, November 25, 1913: Wilson, daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, He was one of several children of the president who were married in the White House.

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Eleanor Randolph Wilson and William Gibbs McAdoo, May 7, 1914: Another of Wilson’s daughters, Eleanor Randolph Wilson, married a year later at the White House.

Alice Wilson and Isaac Stuart McElroy Jr., August 7, 1918: Wilson, the niece of President Woodrow Wilson, marries at the White House in 1918, marking another relative of the 28th President of the United States to choose the White House as the venue for her wedding.

Harry Hopkins and Lewis Gill Massey, July 30, 1942: Was assistant to Hopkins President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Linda Bird Johnson and Charles Spittal Robb, December 9, 1967: Johnson’s eldest daughter was born President Lyndon B. johnson,

Tricia Nixon and Edward Finch Cox12 June 1971: Richard Nixon’s Betty was married in 1971 in the Rose Garden, the first outside the White House.

Anthony Rodham and Nicole Boxer, May 28, 1994: Rodham is the First Lady’s brother Hillary Clinton, The wedding took place outside in the Rose Garden.

Pete Souza and Patti Legge, October 19, 2013: White House Photographer Pete Souza He is one of the few non-presidential family members to marry in the White House. serving as of President Barack Obama About 35 people were in attendance, including the photographer, the Obamas.

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