Kim Jong Un reveals his daughter to the world in pictures of North Korea’s recent launch of a giant missile

Kim Jong Un walking with a young girl identified by North Korean state news as his daughter.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walks away from an ICMB in this photo released by North Korean state news on November 19, 2022.reuters

  • Kim Jong Un was seen with his wife and a young girl during a missile test on Friday.

  • North Korean state news identified the girl as Kim’s daughter.

  • Kim is extremely secretive about her family, but is believed to have three children.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un introduced his daughter to the world in new photos released on Friday that show him taking a walk with a young girl as the rogue state conducted a large-scale test of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile. did.

North Korean state media outlet KCNA said Kim was accompanied by his “beloved daughter and wife” at the launch. as North Korea expert Ankit Panda noted on twitter“We have never seen his daughter in public until now”.

Kim, who is believed to have three children, remains extremely secretive when it comes to his family. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman, who had a relationship with the North Korean dictator, revealed in 2013 that Kim had a daughter named Kim Ju-ae. His age is said to be around 10 years. It is unclear whether Kim Joo-ae is the girl in the new photos of Thursday’s missile launch.

New images show Kim walking with the young girl near the large ICBM, sometimes holding her hand. Kim’s wife Ri Sol Joo can also be seen in the pictures.

Friday’s missile launch marked the second time this month that North Korea has launched an ICBM, a long-range weapon capable of delivering warheads to targets beyond the country’s immediate area, and a series of weapons tests by North Korea. came after The repeated launches have raised alarm bells in Japan, South Korea and the US.

“North Korea is repeating provocations with unprecedented frequency, and that is absolutely unacceptable,” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told reporters on Friday after North Korea launched a missile, according to the New York Times.

US Vice President Kamala Harris also condemned the launch and called on Pyongyang to “cease further illegal, destabilizing acts”.

The missile, which was lifted aloft, landed in Japanese waters, and Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada stated that the missile had the potential to reach the US mainland.

According to CNN, Hamada said in a statement, “The range of the ICBM-class ballistic missile launched this time may exceed 15,000 km depending on the flight distance of this ICBM.” “It depends on the weight of the warhead, but in that case, the US mainland would be included in the range.”

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