Klester agrees with Nadeshot on Vegas Legion criticism: “He’s spitting out facts”

published, 2022-11-23T15:22:18

Updates, 2022-11-23T15:22:28

After 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haig called out the new Vegas Legion side, players James ‘Cleister’ Eubanks and Donovan ‘Temp’ Laroda, for the way they spoke to each other during team scrims.

Modern Warfare 2 launched in late October, and the Call of Duty League season is just around the corner, with new teams testing themselves and getting as much practice as possible before the Major 1 Qualifiers begin.

Vegas Legion, recently relocated from Paris, entered the league as one of the worst-performing sides, winning only two series in 2022. , But things aren’t all looking great in the Vegas camp.

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Along with three-time world champion Kleister, Tempe is also joined in the Legion by Byron ‘Prolute’ Vera and Thomas ‘TJHailey’ Haley, and with Team Scrims streaming, Nadeshot – who during his earlier years of competing Had won the championship with Kleister – he was not impressed.

“If you go back and watch this VOD, it’s the tone of the way they’re calling out, and the way they’re talking to each other,” he said in a podcast with streamer iiTzTimmy. said during “It’s dismissive, it’s passive-aggressive, and it’s not until you’re mature that people realize that’s the only way you’re going to be able to communicate with someone and get something out of them, Talk like a human.”

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After viewing the clip on The Flank, Kleister called into the show to share his side, and discussed what Nade had said.

Clay said, “He’s spitting out the facts.” “One can accept that what he is saying is true. There is a certain way of doing things and a certain way of talking to each other, but it is all about having mutual respect.

“If the person you’re giving feedback and criticism to doesn’t respect what you’re saying, it’ll never work no matter how you say it.”

timestamp 45:00

Clay further stated that they were “game” for the streams, and that while they have had serious talks off-stream, things are not as bad as some fans may have feared.

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Regardless, it won’t take us long to see where Vegas stands against its opposition, and whether they are truly on the same page this year.

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