LoL dev redeemed himself for getting banned after playing so bad that he was banned for 2 weeks

published, 2022-11-24t21:03:53

Updates, 2022-11-24t21:04:03

Riot Phlox is a designer who works on the Summoner’s Rift team for League of Legends, and he lost so many games that the death toll was high that his account was flagged for intentional feeddown.

Patch 12.22 added some exciting new items to the game, items with the potential to bring out the best in the champions that were left in Season 12.

One such champion is Rays, whose overall win rate hasn’t climbed above 45% over the years. The Rod of Ages used to be their favorite item in the early seasons, and with RoA returning to the game for Season 13, Raze players were certainly hoping the item could revive a decades-old champion.

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Riot Phlox, a designer working on Summoner’s Rift, spammed the Ryze game. The game went so badly that Riot Phlox’s account was banned for 14 days. A ban that was revoked even before 14 days had passed.

League Of Legends Dev Received 14 Day Ban For Bad Play

Rez isn’t a champion known for his consistency outside of pro play, and he can be difficult to get off the ground in an average solo cue game. His early game isn’t great, and the amount of time it takes him to become relevant leaves the champion vulnerable to being out-of-game.

Phlox played over 40 Ryze games in a week, and, while they weren’t All As for setbacks, he’s had his fair share of tough games. Multiple games with death counts in the double digits flagged Phlox’s account for intentional feeding, landing him with a 14-day ban.

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However, this ban did not last for 14 days. not even close. Phlox was immediately banned, something the LoL community calling the developer for.

Phlox himself posted a screenshot of the chat ban on a discord chat with the caption “I guess I shouldn’t have played Razz.” The screenshot has since circulated through the LoL community via Twitter.

He then continued to play Raze with mixed results. They have an overall win rate of 42% with the champions in all of their games in the pre-season, and average 8.3 kills per game according to this mean Raze Buff is coming soon? We’ll have to see what the future holds.

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