Mom Shares Clever Parenting Tip If You Lose Your Baby In Public And This Is What Every Parent Should Know

There’s nothing worse than losing your child in a busy public place, even if it’s only for a second.

Well it turns out there’s a really simple tip that can help you when you’re in that situation, and it’s something every parent should know.

This tip is great for when you're in a busy place with your kids


This tip is great for when you’re in a busy place with your kidscredit: Getty

A savvy mum shares the tip that can help when your child ever goes missing and you can’t find them right away.

Posting on Reddit, she recommended taking a quick picture of everything you’re wearing before heading out, because it can be hard to remember what they have on sometimes, especially if you have more than one child. Huh.

The mum explained: “When you go out with your kids take a quick picture of what they’re wearing.

“Immediate panic makes it hard to remember simple details, such as what your child was wearing.

“Try to get their shoes into the picture too.”

Other parents also recommended the tip, with one commenting: “This is usually best at places where there will be large crowds like Disney or on vacation to another city where everyone is a little more distracted and Oh-ah going.”

Likewise, the tip may be good to know if you bring your young child to a busy shopping center over the festive period where separation is easier.

Other parents said that while shoes are the most important part to remember, “it’s the hardest clothing to replace,” someone noted.

And someone else said: “Always told my kid to look at my shoes and remember them, it’s easier for a kid in a crowd to look down than everyone else’s chin in the air.”

Other parents explained that they try to dress their children in bright clothes if they know they are very busy, as they can be easily recognised.

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