More than a quarter of the country wants the GOP to open an impeachment inquiry against Biden

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Assured of their razor-thin majority, House Republicans now face the reality of de facto governance and the demands of their increasingly fractious base, including the one-time possibility of impeaching President Biden, according to a new morning poll. Now it has become the opinion of the majority. ,political man public opinion.

While 28 percent of the nation overall said the GOP House investigation into whether Biden should be impeached was a “top priority,” that number nearly doubled to 55 percent among GOP respondents. Only 6 percent of Democrats agreed. Notably, GOP support for an investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances — a major source of conservative anger and conspiracy theory — has been slight. lower Instead of their interest in an impeachment inquiry, 52 percent of GOP respondents called it a priority for the coming Congress. Meanwhile, 7 percent of Democrats agreed.

Biden has acknowledged the growing chorus within the GOP House for his impeachment, calling it “almost comedy” and riffing “‘lots of luck in your senior year,’ as my coach used to say” when Republicans pushed for impeachment. Ask for their feedback to increase talking. he first joked“I don’t know what they’re going to charge me with.”

Aspiring House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has largely refused to support impeachment for Biden, telling punchbowl news In October he felt that “the country does not at all like impeachment being used for political purposes” and that in the case of the president “I just don’t see it in front of me.”

The Morning Consult/political man The poll was conducted between November 10–14 from a sample of 1,983 registered voters.

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