My baby has the same name as Kylie Jenner’s son – I’m so sorry to hear people make fun of it

Kardashian fans lost their minds when Kylie Jenner announced her son’s name.

While online users are making fun of this unique name, one TikToker has a personal connection with it.

A TikTok user revealed that his son has the same name as Kylie Jenner's baby


A TikTok user revealed that his son has the same name as Kylie Jenner’s babycredit: tiktok @brittneykudd

TikTok user Brittany Cude shared why she is tired of hearing people make fun of Kylie Jenner’s baby name.

The influencer revealed that her son shares the same name as Kylie’s baby.

Earlier this year the makeup mogul announced that she had a son named Wolf.

Kylie later updated fans that she had decided to change the name of her youngest child.

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While Kylie has yet to reveal her son’s new name, online users are still making fun of the tentative name.

“He’s so cute but why did they name him Wolf?” Britney wrote in a video of herself and her young son.

She revealed that she gets nervous seeing everyone joking about her son’s name.

Britney’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the unique baby name.

One user said, “‘I’ll name him Wolf and get mad in public when people talk about it’ has the energy of a guy who brings his snake to a party and gets mad when people talk about it.” Ask about his snake.

Another viewer wrote: “They got out of control with these names.”

Kylie Jenner hasn't updated fans on her son's new name yet


Kylie Jenner hasn’t updated fans on her son’s new name yetcredit: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

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