Never Add Essential Oils to Your Humidifier Water (But Do This Instead)

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You may love essential oils, but there are good reasons to avoid putting them inside your humidifier.

essential oils can corrode plastic

A humidifier is not made to hold essential oils in its water storage tank. The type of plastic they are made from, usually ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), is not designed to hold oil for long periods of time. They can rust, causing the water tank to burst. The oil can actually corrode the plastic causing the plastic itself to end up in water, which can cause odors and clog up your humidifier’s parts.

Essential oils can damage filters

Anything other than distilled water in your humidifier can cause problems. Since the filter mechanism in a humidifier is designed only for environmental elements such as dust, minerals, or pollen, oils can get sucked into the filter and cause it to break down. This will obviously make the filter less effective, reduce your air quality and prevent the humidifier from doing its job. It can also wear a hole through the filter, removing it from the system all together and allowing minerals, dust particles, or pollen to be sucked into the misting mechanism, damaging it or adding these particles to the air. Could

Essential oils can clog misting mechanisms

Since a humidifier is made to create a mist from water, a thicker substance with a different consistency will interfere with its ability to create that mist. The essential oils will eventually clog the misting mechanism and the humidifier will stop making droplets, not only preventing your scent from spreading throughout the room, but also preventing your humidifier from moisturizing the air.

Humidifiers are not made diffusers

If you are interested in keeping the scent of your essential oils in the air for a period of time, a humidifier will not do what you want. Humidifiers are designed to moisturize the air, so the water mist they produce doesn’t stay in the air for very long. The scent will spread as the drops fall, so they are not the right tool for permanent results. Also, if you have a humidifier that uses heat to create the mist, the essential oils will heat up as well, often changing the properties of the fragrance and ruining the scent.

Get a Humidifier-Diffuser Combo

the good news is that humidifier Which has compartments for essential oils that will not corrode or damage your humidifier. If you want to use essential oils with your humidifier, this is a great option because they are designed to be used with oils, and they don’t suck the oil through the filter. Since they have a misting mechanism that is built in to adjust the consistency of the oil, they won’t clog up and stop working.

or just use a diffuser

Another option for diffusing the scent of an essential oil is a traditional diffuser, They won’t add moisture to your air, but they will create smaller droplets than a humidifier, so the scent will stay in the air longer. Since they are made specifically for essential oils, diffusers work best for adding fragrance to a room. However, it is important to remember that there can be too much of a good thing. Essential oils don’t necessarily need to be inhaled all the time.

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