Overwatch 2 drops Tracer’s damage bug for now because of how bad it is without it

published, 2022-11-21t22:55:47

Updates, 2022-11-21t22:55:47

Overwatch 2 devs have revealed that they plan to fix a bug that caused Tracer to do more damage at range, but are leaving it at that for now and considering some additional changes in a new patch. Huh.

A strange bug affecting Tracer has been causing better damage to DPS heroes at range by reducing the fall from his pistol, but the developers have no intention of removing him from the game.

As Dexerto pointed out, pro player Danteh discovered that Tracer’s damage fallout range has been increased from 13 to 20 — an unexpected change that was nowhere to be found in the patch notes.

Discussing the bug in a post on Reddit, game director Aaron Keller revealed that the devs plan to deal with it and that their plans for the Overwatch mascot are moving forward.

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Overwatch 2 devs tease major Tracer changes after bug buffs

According to Aaron Keller, the team is in the process of investigating the bug and will fix it in a later update, but they see no reason to deactivate it.

“It appears to have been in play for the past few builds (we just verified it in the Halloween patch), and while the accelerated damage for Tracer is definitely a bug, his overall power level is fine,” he said. .

So far, Overwatch 2 has had to disable and re-enable a number of heroes due to game-breaking bugs, including Torbjorn, Bastion and, most recently, Mei.

“We do not plan to disable Tracer, and we will also see additional changes to his kit to compensate when we fix the bug,” Keller said.

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Aaron Keller talks about the OW2 bugreddit

Aaron Keller says OW2 devs will not remove tracer.

It’s unclear exactly what changes the devs have planned, but with Season 2 coming out on December 6th, we won’t have long to wait.

In addition to Tracer, the devs have also made changes to other members of the roster like Doomfist, Junker Queen, Sojourn, and Symmetra, so it looks like Season 2 will be a whole new feel once it goes live.

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