Pokémon turns down Corinna Koff battle idea: “I need a good reason”

published, 2022-11-18T03:33:00

Updates, 2022-11-18t00:38:13

Pokimena has addressed why she won’t fight Corinna Kopf, despite the two going back and forth online over the issue of promoting gambling during a Twitch stream.

During her recent interview on the Banter Podcast, Imane ‘Pokimne’ Anis explained why she won’t be boxing Corinna “Pouty Girl” Koff. In late September, Kopf called out Pokki for his position promoting gambling during a Twitch stream. Pokey was quick to fire back at the call out and as a result, the two traded words online for a few days before the situation escalated.

During her conversation with the Banter Boys, the topic of Pokey’s online beef with Koff came up, with one of the hosts asking if she would ever consider stepping inside the ring with him.

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“To be honest, no,” was PokéMine’s immediate response before the content creator then dove into “two reasons” why she didn’t want to fight Koff.

“For starters, if I’m going to fight with someone I need a good reason,” explaining that “getting upset on Twitter” isn’t a good enough reason and that the kind of online discussion he himself “really I can’t find the bother” pokemon.

The second reason that Pokimena put forward is that she does not want to join him or reconnect with her community and followers.

“I noticed that when he tweeted about me, the replies were so disgusting that I knew I wanted to stay away from him and his followers or whatever. not my cup of tea.”

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However, Pokimena also said that she would be more willing to “go really far” with someone if they would “do something for someone I care about a lot.”

Before moving on, Pokimena once again clarified her comments regarding the issue of Twitch promoting gambling and how she thinks this type of content should not be advertised to such a young audience.

“Honestly my belief wasn’t even ‘don’t gamble’, it was ‘let’s not promote gambling on a website where it’s like fifty to seventy percent of kids’. Might say, but Twitch has a lot of young viewers that shouldn’t be advertised in that regard.

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