Prominent Evangelical Figures Turn on Trump: ‘He Used Us’

Prominent evangelicals who formerly supported Donald Trump are now pulling back as he announces his third bid for the presidency.

“Donald Trump can’t save America,” Mike Evans told The Washington Post. “He can’t even save himself.”

Evans was part of a group of evangelicals who met with Trump at the White House, and at one point presented him with an award.

Now, he says he has worked with Trump.

They used us to win the White House. We had to close our mouths and eyes when he said things that scared us. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Robert Jeffress, one of Trump’s evangelical advisors during the 2016 campaign and a longtime supporter, said he was not ready to endorse him again.

He told Newsweek, “The Republican Party is headed for a civil war that I have no desire or need to be a part of.”

It’s not a given given Trump’s dwindling numbers among Republican voters. Jeffress subtweeted Trump, urging people to buy Mike Pence’s book on the day of his 2024 announcement:

Jeffress said on Twitter that he still considered Trump “a great friend and our greatest president since Reagan.”

James Robison of Life Outreach International, another lifelong faith advisor to Trump, said in a speech this week that Trump’s arrogance is getting in the way of the agenda.

“If Mr. Trump can’t stop his own little issues, how can he expect people to stop the big ones?” he said, according to The Washington Post.

He said he told Trump:

“Sir, you act like a little elementary school kid and you wake up every morning and shoot yourself in the foot for opening your mouth! The more you keep your mouth shut, the more successful you will be!”

He did not say whether he plans to endorse Trump in 2024.

Still another evangelical figure who previously supported Trump was even more blunt, with Washington Times columnist Everett Piper writing that Trump cost the GOP big in the midterms and could hurt them even more in two years. Is.

“The take-home from this past week is simple: Donald Trump has to go,” he wrote. “If he is our candidate in 2024, we will be destroyed.”

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