Riot job listing confirms Valorant will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation

published, 2022-11-23t17:31:55

Updates, 2022-11-23t17:32:08

Riot Games is advertising a job listing for console designers for Valorant, it appears the FPS game will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation and other consoles in the future.

Riot Games has several job listings on the gaming jobs platform Hitmarker for Valorant that have to do with porting the game to consoles. One is listed as Game Design Manager for consoles and was posted on November 17th, the other is listed as Senior Game Designer for consoles and was posted on November 23rd.

A description says the role will “work with the team to develop a vision for consoles at Valorant.”

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Valorant coming to consoles like Xbox and Playstation has been rumored and soft confirmed for months as Riot Games hinted at expanding the FPS title to a wider audience. Valorant is one of the few titles in Riot Games’ own library that could be a console port. League of Legends, its other marquee game, has plenty of inputs to play with with a controller.

Riot Games has mobile games in its arsenal with Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra, all with mobile capabilities.

Valorant is headed to consoles

Renya in Viper smokes in Valorantriot Games

Valorant may come to Xbox and PlayStation in the future.

Valorant won’t be the first tactical shooter with a significant eSports push to get a console version. CS:GO and Rainbow: Six Siege both have Xbox and Playstation ports.

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When Valorant comes to consoles, it will be the first Riot Games title to have a version outside of mobile and PC. The developer hasn’t waded into the console waters in over 10 years as a company.

No timeline has been given by Riot for the console release of the FPS title, or if the game will come to other mainstream consoles like the Switch.

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