#RIPTwitter trends as Mastodon spikes over 200,000 overnight

published, 2022-11-18t21:59:42

Updates, 2022-11-18t21:59:51

Social media platform Mastodon has gathered more than 200,000 users in just one day as the future of Twitter comes into question with #RIPTwitter trending on the site.

As soon as Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 27, users started looking for an alternative social media platform to stay connected with their friends in case something happened.

One of the platforms with the highest mass adoption is Mastodon, which was first established on March 16, 2016.

On November 17, #RIPTwitter started trending as thousands of employees reportedly resigned from Twitter, and Mastodon saw a huge increase in users as well.

Mastodon gained over 200,000 users overnight

As Elon Musk sets a November 17 deadline for employees to commit to being “hardcore” while he claims there will be “Twitter 2.0”, it was revealed that about 75% of the remaining employees Said no – accepting a month’s sabbatical instead.

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This set a worried tone on the platform, prompting them to advertise their other platforms to prepare for the possible end of Twitter.

According to the Mastodon user count bot, many people chose to find homes on Fedverse.

As of this writing, Mastodon has gained 213,956 users over the past day, adding over half a million users across 7,000,000 accounts in the past seven days.

Whether or not Twitter is ever going away is still in question, but it looks like users are finding proper homes on Mastodon in the meantime.

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