Schneider Electric SE (EPA:SU) PT set at €140.00 by Barclays

Schneider Electric SE (EPA:SU – Get Rating) It received a €140.00 ($142.86) price objective from equity research analysts at Barclays in a research report issued to clients and investors on Monday, Börsen Zeitung reports. Price objective of Barclays would suggest a potential downside of 0.61% from the previous close of the stock.

SU has been the subject of several other reports. In a research report on Monday, August 1 set a target price of €145.00 ($147.96) on Schneider Electric SE. UBS Group set a €165.00 ($168.37) target price on Schneider Electric SE in a report on Monday, Oct 24. Goldman Sachs Group set a target price of €126.00 ($128.57) on Schneider Electric SE in a report on Wednesday, Oct 12. Credit Suisse Group set €160.00 ($163.27) price target on Schneider Electric SE in a research note on Thursday, November 3. Finally, JPMorgan Chase & Co. set €180.00 ($183.67) price objective on Schneider Electric SE in a research note on Thursday, Jul 28.

Schneider Electric SE stock up 0.0%

Shares of SU stock opened Monday at €140.86 ($143.73). The stock has a fifty-day moving average price of €126.27 and a 200-day moving average price of €125.00. The One Year Low of Schneider Electric SE is €64.88 ($66.20) and the One Year High is €76.34 ($77.90).

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Schneider Electric SE provides energy and automation digital solutions worldwide. It operates through two segments, Energy Management and Industrial Automation. Company busway and cable support products, circuit breakers and switches, contactors and protection relays, electrical protection and control products, energy management software solutions, transfer switches, surge protection and power conditioning products, power monitoring and control products, power quality and power supply Does Factor correction products, pushbuttons, switches, pilot lights and joysticks, software products and switchboards and enclosures.

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