Six Countries That Could Win The 2022 World Cup Could Bring Bookmakers Six-Digit Profits – MGM Resorts Intl (NYSE: MGM)

The 2022 World Cup play will begin on November 20, with 32 teams competing to win the tournament. Two bookies will pay close attention to the games, with bets that can yield six-figure profits.

What happened: Bookies around the world are placing bets on who they think will win the 2022 World Cup. Six bookies have placed big bets on the outright winner of the tournament and will likely be watching the games that are broadcast fox foxFoxa,

A bettor placed a $150,000 bet with BetMGM, a joint venture between MGM Resorts International mgm And Eaton Plc GMVHY, on Brazil to win the 2022 World Cup. With odds of +400 for Brazil to win at the time of the bet, the bet would pay out $750,000 and net a profit of $600,000.

Another bookie could make a profit of over $550,000 from a $25 bet if France wins the 2022 World Cup.

A bettor placed a bet of $26 on a parlay consisting of seven legs involving multipliers. To win a profit of $557,770.91, all seven legs must be hit, including France’s victory.

The previous legs that were all hits were:

  • AC Milan To Win The Italian Series A At Odds +130
  • Colorado Avalanche to win Stanley Cup at odds of +400
  • The Golden State Warriors To Win The NBA Championship At Odds +650
  • Kansas wins the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship at odds of +280
  • Manchester City to win the English Premier League at odds of -220
  • Los Angeles FC To Win The MLS Cup At Odds +500

When the bet was placed the odds for France to win were +650.

Apart from the two mentioned above, other big bets with BetMGM include:

$1,000 on USA to win the World Cup at odds of +10,000 to pay $100,000 in profits

$1,000 on Serbia to win the World Cup at odds of +10,000 to pay $100,000 in profit

$2,500 on Canada to win the World Cup to pay profits of $625,000 at odds of +25,000

$14,000 to pay $392,000 in odds on +2800 odds on Denmark to win the World Cup

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What will happen next: The Brazilian is now listed as the favorite at several sportsbooks including BetMGM, where he has odds of +350.

Brazil has five World Cup titles, the most in the history of the tournament. Brazil last won the tournament in 2002.

France won the 2018 World Cup but crashed out of the 2020 Euros at the round of 16 despite being favourites. The country is also missing two key players. ngolo forks And Paul Pogba Who has been ruled out of the World Cup due to injury.

The US missed the 2018 World Cup after not qualifying for the tournament. America is playing this year and sportsbooks are expected to get a boost from sports betting being legal in more states over the last four years, with the 2022 World Cup estimated to see more than $1 billion in bets in the US.

BetMGM said they are seeing a lot of betting on favorites Brazil and Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup. Bets are going on in America on two other countries too.

“BetMGM bettors are also heavily favoring the United States and Mexico,” said BetMGM Sports Trader. seamus magee Told.

The current favorites for the 2022 World Cup with BetMGM at the time of writing are:

  • Brazil: +350
  • Argentina: +500
  • France: +700
  • England: +800
  • Spain: +800
  • Germany: +1000
  • Netherlands: +1200

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