Sweet potato pie and serving the community: Cafe owner shares the secret of his success

A small-town cafe is not only serving signature sweet potato pie, but also serving the community, the owner told Fox News.

“We were able to bring young people, old people, police, the whole community together,” Cheryl Johnson, owner of Aunt Cheryl’s Cafe, told Fox News. “Our space became a place where people felt comfortable.”

Watch Aunt Cheryl explain the secret to her sweet potato pie:

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Johnson’s has been serving the small Pittsburgh suburb for the past five years and is one of the few restaurants in the city. The retired social worker turned caterer opens her doors to share how her business brings the community together.

“We are serving the community through food,” Johnson said. “It became a place where people felt comfortable enough to come here and talk about who they are, where people felt comfortable enough to say ‘I want food.’

“And one of our specialties is our sweet potato pie,” Johnson said before claiming that her sweet potato pie recipe is the best in the country.

See how then-Mayor John Fetterman impressed Aunt Cheryl’s Cafe:

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“I’ve been all over the country, I’ve tasted coast to coast: California, Detroit, Philadelphia,” she said. “Our sweet potato pie is the best.”

Johnson declined to give away her tightly held secret ingredients but did share some tips on what to add to Thanksgiving favorites.

“You have to have good potatoes to start with,” Johnson told Fox News. “We put on a little spice, we put on a little butter, we put on a little sugar.”

“The most important thing is that we put our heart into it,” she continued.

Cheryl Johnson, owner of Auntie Cheryl's Cafe, claims she makes the best sweet potato pie in the country.

Cheryl Johnson, owner of Auntie Cheryl’s Cafe, claims she makes the best sweet potato pie in the country.
(Fox News Digital/John Michael Rash)

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Johnson said the city has rallied around his location.

“We do more than feed people,” Johnson said. “We serve the people.”

To watch Johnson’s full interview about sweet potato pie, click here.

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