The Sam Bankman-Fried Movie Is Coming — and These Two Streaming Companies Are Considering Buying the Rights Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), (NASDAQ: AMZN)

saga which is cryptocurrency platform ftx and its co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried television or could be an epic biography that portrays him as a hero or a villain.

Good news for anyone anticipating this outcome will be pleased to hear the latest about the potential film or television series.

What happened: While many crypto platforms are following the collapse and bankruptcy of FTX, one has reportedly been following Bankman-Fried closely as he leads the crypto company.

Benzinga recently shared that the report author said Michael Lewis Have been following Bankman-Fried for the past six months while working on a potential book.

Lewis is best known for books such as “Moneyball: The Art of Winning and the Unfair Game,” “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” and “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine,” all of which became the subject of successful films. Gone.

According to a report, an email from talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) was sent to parties seeking book and possible film rights.

Film and television rights bidding for the yet-to-be-written book is expected to see strong demand given the subject matter and past works of the author.

A report from Deadline says the two streaming giants are among the parties most interested in the rights to the book. Amazon Studios, a unit of, Inc. amzn And netflix inc nflx Both are interested.

netflix will use director david fincher Reportedly, Fincher previously directed “The Social Network” on the project, which told the story of Meta Platforms Inc meta and its co-founder mark zuckerberg, Netflix is ​​also circling the project from Sugar 23, who will watch josh gad associated with the project.

That’s right, the voice of Olaf the Snowman from the Frozen franchise may soon be portraying one of the biggest cryptocurrency personalities of all time.

the creator David Heyman, Who previously helmed the Harry Potter series, produced all eight films warner bros discovery West Bengal Also listed as interested in the project.

Reported other interested parties are Scott Burns And Jonathan Glickman with Andrew Ross Sorkina CNBC host and new York Times columnist.

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Why this is important: Bidding has not yet begun on the film and television rights, but as expected, the CAA’s pitch drew demand, including from a couple of streaming companies.

Films and television series about technology companies have been popular with studios in recent years. “WeCrashed,” which aired on AppleTV+ apple inc AAPLcovered the story of we work,

“Super Pump: Battle for Uber,” which focuses on Uber Technologies Inc story aired as a series on Showtime, a unit of Paramount Global paragraphpara a,

Many documentaries and miniseries are out of date Gamestop And the meme stock surge of 2021. Another movie is in the works about Gamestop with big names attached to the book penned by “The Social Network” author. Ben Mezrich.

Audiences often love biopic stories of celebrities, musicians and athletes. How well the story of the crypto billionaire will play out remains to be seen.

To read about the latest FTX developments, visit Benzinga’s FTX home page.

Photo: Screenshot of SBF from FTX video on YouTube

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