There’s a Hidden Chihuahua in Every Samsung Phone

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I’m not trying to bully you. if you have a samsung galaxy,Virtually any One of them,So you have a hidden chihuahua on your phone. You’ll never stumble upon it, that’s why you’ve never seen or known about it, but it’s there, incognito, ready to greet you in a jiffy’notice.

chihuahua a picture, but it Not there Your Galaxy’s Gallery App—iTea one in Hidden menu called “Diagnostic Mode”. these are diagnosesn’Not endorsed by Samsung in any way And you won’t be able to find them by digging through (or even entering) the Settings app Developer mode,

How to launch Diagnostic Mode on your Samsung Galaxy

To launch Diagnostic Mode on any Samsung Galaxy device, open the Phone app, then dial *#0*#. no matter galaxy There you will see a simple menu with a series of options allow you to test various tasks of your phone, For example, you’ll see “red,” “green,” or “blue” at the top of the grid, which tests the screen’s ability to display them. colour’s. The “receiver” plays a dial tone until you exit the test, and “Touch” allows you to test your accuracy Touch Screen.

Your Options may vary depending on your Galaxy devices, since Samsung makes a lot of different Smartphones. For example, their Fold and Flip series is likely Samsung’s standard smartphone doesn’t have options, The only Galaxy device I have is on the older side, so I see an option for an “LED” light test that newer phones won’t have.

how to find a hidden chihuahua

But enough explanation—wWe are here for chihuahuas. With Diagnostics mode open, tap on “Sensors”. Here, you’ll see a jumble of data and buttons, but what we want is “Image Test” at the top of the screen. kill him, and Wow: chihuahua,

what are you

what are you
image, Jake Peterson

There’there is no explanation exist. who’s is it? Why is it hidden on every Samsung phone? If it’s a test image, why is the quality so bad? These are questions that will haunt the tech community forever, unless Samsung comes up with an explanation. I didn’t know about this quirk myself until i stumble Feather this tiktok From the Manufacturer tbvrgg, who Hidden chihuahua shown on the brandNew Galaxies on the Store, whether you pick up the galaxy today either Take out an old one from your drawer, the chihuahua will be there. it is Always went there

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