These Are the Best Black Friday Deals for Popular Apps

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Black Friday brings the deepest discounts of the year for all kinds of tech Product – and Apps are no exception, If You’re Stopped From Paying Any Cost, It’s Worth It taking Have another look this week. This might be the perfect time to tap “Buy”.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite apps currently available. on discount. List is accurate as of publication timebut things Maybe Changed By the time you read this, IIf you see something you like, grab it before the deal ending in. Many of these apps are good enough to be totally worth the full price these holiday bargains offer. Even sweeter.

Affinity Suite: A great alternative to Photoshop

Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher are among the best alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign apps, respectively. Affinity allows you to pay once and keep these apps until the next major version update. Many people prefer this model over the recurring subscription fee that Adobe charges.

Since the new version of Affinity Apps just launched, you can get all three apps on Windows, macOS, and iPadOS with a single license for $100 (regular price $170). If you don’t need the whole suite, awill do Apps are also discounted individually. the inspection this page for more information.

Savings: $70

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is another Excellent Photoshop alternative for macOS. The app has almost everything you need to edit your photos and will serve you well as long as you edit exclusively on your Mac. it is available for $20 (regular price $40).

Savings: $20


Acorn is a beautiful image editor for macOS. its appeal lies in ease of use: If you’re new to image editors, acorn eeasy to get up and running, and yet it Packed in enough features to suit your needs for long hours. it is going for $20 Via the Unclutter App Bundle Sale. Regular price is $40.

Savings: $20


TextSniper allows you to Extract text from images on Mac more seamless rather than OS Basic Tools (and without the need for an upgrade), it is Fast, lightweight and reliable. You can use the coupon code TSBFG2022 buy app For just under $5 (regular price $8).

Savings: $3


If you are fond of photography, then Halide is a must-have for you-try iphone app, It allows you to control the shutter speed, exposure, ISO and aperture on the iPhone’s camera. The app is also great at handling RAW images and it even unlocks some of the portrait modes on older iPhones. The app costs $12 per year, but you can get two months free (And free of charge) During Halide’s Black Friday sale.

Savings: $2


notchcamis the novelty of Lets You Hide the MacBook Pro’s Camera Notch, This allows you to get a quick camera preview if you click on the part of the screen behind the notch. The app is free for Black Friday.

the same developer also makes tone, which is a neat third-party app for Apple Music that we recommended earlier. You can get it for $3 (regular price $7).

Savings: $4+

stop the madness

If you keep getting frustrated with websites that block your ability to copy or paste, or if you just want to A Safari Extension That Can Fix Many Broken Things on Websites stop the madness This is for you. It has such good features that it continues to appear in our coverage, The extension ranges from $7 on Mac and up to $3 on Safari.

Savings: $3+

food apps

Some great iPhone food apps are also on sale. Our favorites are:

  • red bell pepper Is an excellent recipe manager app. It is currently 40% off across all platforms.
  • croutons is an excellent meal prep app for iOS and Mac. The free version lets you save 10 recipes, and you can pay a one-time fee of $3 (regular price $17) to remove the limit if you buy within 24 hours of installing.
  • susie Lets you quickly scan ingredient labels to identify allergy-causing factors. Its lifetime membership is currently $6 (80% off).

Useful Mac App Bundle

There are tons of Mac apps available for sale in various bundles. of disorder The bundle contains 12 apps for $84 (regular price $406). Teathat’s the best part, you can pick and choose Yours apps personally if you don’t want Complete Bundle.

bundlehunt Another cool bundle of 20 useful productivity appsAnd you can mix and match to choose what you want—but note you will also pay Unlock fee of $3.50 that is added to the final price.

even more great deals

You can find many more Black Friday app deals if you know where to look. for sale on ios games, touch arcade There is a great list. If You’re Tracking Sales From Indie Developers, Check Out indie friday For a wide collection of deals.

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