This bug lets you play ‘Pokemon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’ faster than you think

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pokemon scarlett And purple Has been the talk of the town, but not for the reasons Nintendo wanted. While many are enjoying their new Pokémon adventures, the tweets are all about How buggy are games, These glitches range from funny to downright weird pleasurable, But there is one quirk that is not like the others – the hidden ability to run faster than you are capable of.

As demonstrated by Redditor hamsterhead64By connecting another Joy-Con to your Switch playing pokemon scarlett either purple, you can greatly increase your running speed in the Paldea area. With both controllers connected, you must push both left sticks at an “angle” (that is, any position other than straight up, down, left or right), and you will see your character Book it faster than Chemstar,

sport is not necessary made For you to run so fast that you watch the game struggle to keep up with you. Wild Pokémon may not spawn in time to overtake you, though. As one Redditor explains, “You don’t need to run fast for this.” Ouch. It’s certainly not a hack that justifies the run out and Spending $40 for a New Joy-ConBut if you have another Switch controller lying around, give it a try.

Of course, this probably isn’t a bug you’ll discover yourself. pokemon The multiplayer doesn’t happen on a Switch. Whether you’re trading ‘mons, battling friends, or teaming up to complete challenges, everyone’s on their game and console, so it’s time to add another Joy-Con Why should I think?

The more pressing question, however, is why This bug exists in the first place. a firm principle Comes from Redditor Pulley999, who speculate that this is due to the way Game Freak is coding around the joystick: according to their assumption, the game reads the joystick position map as a square rather than a circle, with four different corners to reach. Generally impossible. Use the two sticks together at an angle, however, and suddenly the game thinks you’re positioned in these corners, potentially allowing you to move up to 41% faster than normal.

another user points New pokemon snap The only quirk is that Game Freak is reusing that game’s code in these new titles. another shares He developed a game with a similar bug in his high school IT class. The whole thread is fun to read.

Really, though, we don’t know for sure what caused the bug, nor do we know whether Game Freak will patch it in a future update. With this in mind, you should run as long as you can.

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